Ethereum Broker XCoinbroker 2018 Review | for Trading ETH

Ethereum Broker XCoinbroker 2018 Review | for Trading ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

If you are into trading Ethereum online and are looking for a professional Ethereum broker. There are several options but under the cryptocurrency brokers there are a few that stand out from the rest. has been looking at a number of Ethereum brokers lately and one of them took our interest and that is Xcoinbroker.

Xcoinbroker has been working hard on establishing itself as a professional accomplished and trustworthy broker for people that look to trade only on the cryptocurrency market and want to take advantage of the amazing trading opportunities this market brings.

Ethereum [XRP] is currently the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and is gaining momentum as one of the most cryptocurrencies with the most potential.

So….what differentiates Xcoinbroker from its competitors and what makes Xcoinbroker a real Ethereum Broker?

Xcoinbroker features for trading ethereum onlineFirstly, the point that took most of our intention is the team.

Xcoinbroker has over 80 enthusiastic employees which are there to optimize the trading experience of those interested in trading cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinEthereum and Litecoin. Having a solid platform and outstanding client service, traders that are just entering the crypto world can be rest assured that they will be treated well and that the interest of the client is the first and foremost priority for Xcoinbroker.

Of course, the more experienced trader can also enjoy a high variety of trading tools to optimize their trading strategies and overall success.

In my opinion at this time you should as a trader primarily trade on the news since this is what moves the market and for that you need a sbroker that is able to provide you with the tools and account managers that have enough knowledge to advice you when you so require..

Registration with Xcoinbroker:

Registration is a very simple process at Xcoinbroker. Their site naturally offers theoption for registration and by going through a couple of simple entry fields can be completed within minutes.

After depositing, the needed compliance documents need to be send but this is standard procedure among brokers dealing with clients. you should be more worried if a broker does not require you to do this as today the complaince that a broker performs is needed to make sure that money laundering through a broker becomes impossible.

Depositing and Withdrawing funds with Xcoinbroker:

At Xcoinbroker, payments can be done by depositing with all major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum for example. VISA and wire solutions are naturally also available. When it comes to Withdrawals, a processing time of 3 working days is the average and withdrawals are sent to the source of deposit meaning that if you deposited with a credit card, your withdrawal will be send to your credit cards.

What does this mean? In our opinion it shows Xcoinbroker is focused on Anti money laundering procedures and like i said this is something you should look for in a broker.


The Cryptocurrency Trading Platform:

The platform is looking neat and organized. It shows a proper crypto asset list and allows you to look at all the details you need to follow up on your performance in a professional manner.

Of course you can evaluate your orders, open positions and closed trades. A nice small feature is the Live TV option which allows you to follow the latest news while evaluating / following your trades.

For those more into reading things, you can also use the news feature which will provide you with useful market ,updates. One last feature which took our interest is the option to see the biggest gainers and losers.

Xcoinbroker trading accounts

see here an overview of the different accounts types offered by Xcoinbroker

Deposit Minimum Up to 0.5 Btc Up to 2 Btc Up to 10 Btc Up to 20 Btc Up to 45 Btc More than 45 Btc
Leverage 1:20 1:25 1:30 1:35 1:40 1:50
margin loan Up to 10% Up to 25% Up to 35% Up to 50% Up to 75% Up to 100%
 market reviews Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Live stream trading webinar Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly
Personal account manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal Broker Yes Yes Yes
Invites to VIP events Yes Yes


Overall opinion About

According to our opinion, Xcoinbroker is a solid and professional Ethereum broker. Xcoinbroker its team is focused on providing you the best trading experience and will provide you excellent support in order to optimize your trading experience. Their customer service deserves a big 10 out of 10!!! Additionally, there is a proper focus on working the right way, something not all brokers understand.

Would we open an account and trade with Xcoinbroker Yes!

We certainly would for the simple reason we like serious, future focused brokerages which are aiming on a long term strategy. This provides us a secure feeling and gives confidence to trade with ease in mind. Additionally, we value good support, something Xcoinbroker certainly knows how to give.

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