The Dencun update, a milestone in Ethereum’s evolution

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The Dencun update, a milestone in Ethereum’s evolution,

is close to completion and has been successfully tested on several testnets. This solution promises to improve transaction efficiency and significantly reduce costs. This is a key step in Ethereum’s quest to offer a more scalable and accessible blockchain.


Dencun on Sepolia: smooth launch

The Dencun update was deployed to the Sepolia testnet on January 30. This follows a flawless activation on the Goerli testnet earlier this month, which means significant progress on the Ethereum roadmap. Unlike the previous bumps in the activation of the Goerli test network, the transition to Sepolia was smooth and free of technical complications.


One of the most important elements of the Dencun modernization is the introduction of proto-dankshrading, also known as EIP-4844. This innovation aims to reduce the costs of so-called “rollups.” These connect transactions and data outside the Ethereum blockchain and then send computational proofs to Ethereum. By using data blobs that can be temporarily added to blocks, transaction costs are expected to drop significantly. This promises to significantly reduce costs for users and developers in the Ethereum ecosystem.



Final steps: Holesky testnet and mainnet launch

The next and final step in the testing process is to activate the Dencun update on the Holesky test network. It is scheduled for February 7. After this final testing phase, eyes will turn to the final launch on the Ethereum mainnet. Experts and researchers in the Ethereum community, including members of the Ethereum Foundation, are optimistic about the positive impact of the Dencun update on the entire Ethereum network. With the Dencun update successfully deployed to multiple testnets, Ethereum is on the cusp of a significant transformation. This update could catalyze a new phase of growth and adoption in the cryptocurrency world by lowering costs and increasing efficiency. The Ethereum community is eagerly awaiting the final step: launch on the mainnet – a moment that could usher in a new era for Ethereum.


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